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Marmara technique in 2008 in Gebze began operations, our organization you be more useful for its target Pursuing business of your problems without compromising on quality from the immediate way to create solutions knowledge and industrial experience, the machine and conveyor systems design, manufacturing and assembly which is an engineering company.

With our strong technical team chain, roller, belt and special conveyors, assembly lines and work stations, manufacturing, design and manufacture of special machines, automation systems, planned maintenance and repair services are provided. The machine developed by our engineers and designers, and to be in accordance with customer needs and product design can be made all kinds of projects. Machinery manufacturing, automation, conveyor belts and industrial products being sold and high-tech engineering solutions üretmektedir.bun as well as machining in our workshop projects fastest and most complete way to advance the technical equipment and technical staff service vermekteyiz.bun with technical hardware materials, technical plastics, motor, reducer, gas and oxygen welding equipment, hand tools and safety materials respond to your needs on offer.

Herewith we wish you success in your work and wish you continued the start of our partnership.

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